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Ultimate Marketer is a news and information site covering marketing, sales and strategic  issues. The purpose of the blog is to give insights of world of marketing and strategic to readers.

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Ultimate Marketer is an effort of Jugal Shah.

I am currently 2nd year Marketing Student at Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resources Development (SCMHRD)  SCMHRD

and have done my Summer Internship with Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd(KMPL) where I worked on project of expanding reach of KMPL in rural area.

Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd

I have completed B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Institute of Technology, Nirma University Nirma University

And then had a 6 months stint with Cognizant Technology Solution before I joined SCMHRD for post graduation Cognizant Technology Solution

Guitar lover, self proclaimed technology evangelist, music enthusiast and avid reader, I can be reached at jugalshah.129@gmail.com OR

Jugal Shah |  linkedinJugal Shah| facebookJugal Shah | twitter


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