marks its entry into India & Sachin Tendulkar, UAE based, online travel portal has recently entered Indian e-Commerce space which is dominated by ticket-commerce. Current Indian e-Commerce industry is worth $10bn and ticket sales comprises 85% of the total sales.

Company has also launched a campaign to mark its entry into the market. The campaign, designed by Publicis Ambience, also features brand ambassador and minority stake holder Sachin Tendulkar. The brand aims to enhance the way people plan their holidays. Company offers flights to over 3,000 destinations around the world on over 270 airlines, domestic and international hotel deals at over 75,000 properties, and lots more.

The campaign starts with a scene of Indian mela where a couple goes into a a huge tent and stand infront of  Eiffel Tower, the photographer (who is Sachin Tendulkar actually!) clicks the photo and couple goes invisible next comes a punjabi family, three girls and it goes on and on with a “Where Do You Want To go Ghumne ( Where do you want to travel?)” playing in a background. At the end, it says “Let me show you new way to go Ghumne” and photographer removes cloth from a camera and there is a laptop with “” displayed on screen and voice over says “Aa gaya hai Musafir. com, Seer ghuma dene wale deals on flights, hotels and holidays. Sapne Chhodo aur Dunia dekho ” And Sachin Tendulkar completes it by saying “Ghum Musafir Ghum”.

Indian Online ticketing segment which is going through growth phase of product life cycle has already seen significant number of players competing for the growth pie, this move by comes at very right time. The campaign talks with the travelling desire within you( Where do you want to go ghumne?) at the same time conveys that booking ticket on is not only very easy (just a click of photograph) but also very cheap (seer ghuma dene wali deals)

 The objective of the ad is to pursue customer to use as it is not only easiest way to book ticket but a place where you will find most deals. the  The message generated is on the line of economical aspect while communication is on value of desirability.  Message appeal to both rational and emotional aspect of customer. The deals aspects appeal to rational part of customer while its jingle and tagline (ghum musafir ghum) appeals to emotional part of customer by touching the desire of travelling. In addition to all these, having Sachin Tendulkar as a brand ambassador gives personality of sincerity and competence to the brand. SRT’s consistent and outstanding performance, huge fan following and credibility will be a major driver behind product trial of customers.

TV Ad:


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