Marketing Mix of “The Village”


If you are thinking that this is some set for the film then let me tell you that you are wrong. This is not set of any film but a scene of the restaurant. Recently, theme restaurants have been great hit in India and many players have entered the space. Click Here to view top 10 theme hotels of Mumbai, with little observation you will identify that “culture” theme dominates the list. Recently, I happen to be at one of the restaurant of this list ( The village) and I was really surprised to learn how these are trying to change definition of the “dining out at restaurant”. Being a marketer, I could not stop myself from analyzing it from marketing angle and below are my thoughts.

The Village – The Soul of India

Target Audience: People who want to enjoy beauty of Indian villages and looking for unique gourmet offerings coupled with compatible entertainment. Targeting “group of people”  who are looking for some different eating out experience.

Positioning: Providing traditions and culinary secrets of the Indian culture

Marketing Mix:


  • Food:  Pure Veg. The range of Dosas, Bhaji Pao, noodles, rice, Gujarati Farsan, 2-3 different sweets, chaats, papads, variety of curries, rotis, khichdi, Dal Baati, salads, etc. is spread around on counters all over the place.
  • No time limit policy- You can come and go and come again at any time (while restaurant is open)
  • Variety of regional entertainment & attractions including Gujarati Garba, Rajasthani Puppe show, Punjabi Bhangda etc
  • Various games to actively engage customers
  • Great ambience resembling typical Indian village

Price: Rs 400/-


Located at highly visited malls which gives premium feeling

  • Amanora in Pune
  • World Trade center in Mumbai
  • Himalaya Mall, Ahmedabad etc


The restaurant relies highly on word of mouth. It has not indulged itself in any print or OOH advertisement. Restaurant is also not so active on digital platforms But its location provides very high visibility.


Employees are very friendly. If you order your food and sit, they will bring it to your table. They will encourage you to be part of games being played, wish happy b’day with typical loud nagada music.


It is way different from other restaurant where you sit at one place and dine. Forget joining the buffet line, loading up your plate and then eating food in groups. At Village, you visit the counter of your choice and pick up whatever you want . Then you just roam around enjoying the various activities, before you resume the eating. Various activities keep you engaged while you are not eating.

Physical Evidence

Ambiance and decor of the place highly resembles typical village of India. Food stalls resemble typical village names ie Chaniya Maniya stall, the paan walla, cycle chai with an exception of central jail. Guys who host and do announcements have a funny accent (acts as complimentary humor). They have games that involve guests, like musical chair, couple games etc and gifts for winners. Puppet show, dhol nagada, dandiya and some DJ music every few minutes to keep you dancing. Articles for ladies, tatoo, clay bangles shops.


2 thoughts on “Marketing Mix of “The Village”

  1. You’re a true marketer my friend…..gone out with friends to have some fun time and yet your marketing cap is still on!

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