Nescafe Blend 43

nestle nescafe blend 43

After long 5 years, Nescafe Blend 43 and iconic red cup makes an emotional return to your screen. Advertisement, created by Publicis Mojo-Australia, talks about relationship between father and daughter. It tells a story of father and a daughter who have flashback of happy memories of their relationship and all over a cup of coffee. And towards the end, it shows iconic red cups with Nescafe Blend 43 redesigned pack and a tagline “It all starts with Nescafe”.

Advertisement goes well with values that Blend 43 stands for. Blend 43 has been  positioned as standarad quality, good value brand from cost conscious customer that don’t have specific taste for premium coffee brands. And medium of daughter-father relationship is, happy moments and a cup of coffee aptly communicate values of the brand. According to The Head of Marketing for Beverages at Nestlé, Camille Meylan says: “It’s easy to forget, with our obsession with social media and technology, the value of a simple, human connection. Catching up over a cup of NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 is an Australian institution and just as relevant and powerful today, perhaps more so. It was important to recapture the essence of the brand and the reason why it is so loved as a market leader.”

Unique about this new Blend-43 campaign is that Nescafe has planned to take aroma of coffee to customer where they would least expect. Nestlé with help of  Zenith Optimedia will release Blend 43’s aroma  into the theatre during select screenings of the brand’s new commercial in Sydney and Melbourne. Today when we have come past Marketing Economy and living in Experience economy, where you need provide memorable and sensational product experience to your customer, this move by Nescafe comes as a great leap.


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