ZooZoos Are Back

vodafone zoozoo army- new ads

After launching its teaser ad in first week of IPL-6, Vodafone launched two Zoozoo army TVCs. Nine part campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, brand has brought back Zoozoos in new look to increase awareness and increase mobile internet user base.

This is the second ad of the series with emphasis on mobile internet, advertisement is shot in background of celebrity gossip. At start of the advertisement, a celebrity Zoozoo is coming out of the big porch and where media people are waiting for him and then he farts. No one know what to do or say and they are looking around with poker face( or Zoozoo face). Zoozoo soldiers see this and tells it to next zoozoo and this goes on. This zoozoo chain is spread across whole terrain and in the end reaches to customer who has a good laugh over this gossip. And the advertisement ends with “Vodafone Internet brings celebrity gossips to your phone “, “Internet pack at Rs. 25”

As communicated by Anuradha Agarwal, senior vice president, brand communications, Vodafone India said that Objective of the campaign is to drive adoption of mobile internet targeting 48mn non-users out of 90mn vodafone users base. Brand wants to handhold these customers to get on mobile internet by making him understand relevance of it in his life. The idea is to generate awareness and thereby relevance of mobile internet. For non-users relevance of mobile internet across entertainment and information while on mass-media, company will be using key triggers for the internet like downloading songs, watching videos, sharing photographs, connecting with friends etc. It leaves the message that internet is the connecting point for the every activity.

Associating with country’s one of the largest brand property, IPL, it gives very effective and large platform to the company to communicate message and connect with customers. This campaign spans to digital medium as well as visibility at point of sale. The brand will also engage in ground activities like bringing 76 “Vodafone Super Fan” to watch IPL matches.


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