Hygienex: Save yourself from Bad Ass

hygienex - save yourself from bad assHygienex-Save yourself from Bad Ass

I just came across this catchy advertisement from the Hygienex. Hygienex is into business of selling disposable toilet seat covers. For a product category like this where there are so many competitors, no entry barrier and product doesn’t have much differentiation and market size is not large, it becomes very necessary for the company to create its brand in customer’s mind.

The recent campaign from Hygienex, instantly catches attention of the customer  It gives whole new prospective to people about using washroom especially public washrooms in airplane, hospital etc. The Print Ad depicts different people in Ying-Yang position. It looks bit awkward at first but beautifully conveys the message and the benefit of the product. Ad shows a woman & a man sitting in toilet position but in this case instead toilet it is each other’s base buttock. And ad communicates that if you are not using paper toilet seat cover then you might be sitting on someone else’s hairy butt.

Hygienex print adHygienex- nurse - hospital


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