Don’t Get Scroogled

Marketing is war and that the marketing concept’s customer-oriented philosophy is inadequate. Rather, firms would do better by becoming competitor-oriented – Marketing Warfare


After launching BrowserYouLoveToHate, on Wednesday, Microsoft launched negative advertisement campaign  Don’t Get Scroogled against arch rival Google’s gmail. One can easily say that how deeply marketing team of of Microsoft has imbibed this philosophy of marketing warfare.

Attacking directly on its competitor Google email service Gmail, Microsoft launched “Don’t get Scroogled campaign”. This flank attack comes after 4months when Google surpassed Microsoft’s Hotmail (which they are turning into Outlook) in number of monthly active users.

Through this campaign, Microsoft took an issue which has already been many times before. Microsoft claims that Google reads content of your email to show you relevant ads while Outlook doesn’t do such thing. It scans content to “help protect you and display, categorize, and sort your mail appropriately”. On its website(, Microsoft also displayed some graphs(we marketers love that) showing how gmail users are ignorant that their content is being scanned and they will switch if from Gmail because of this practice.

Microsoft will be airing television commercials, print campaign and do online advertisements that will display the word “Scroogled!” in the colors of Google’s famous logo. Microsoft claims that aim of the campaign is to “educate Americans about Google’s practice of going through the contents of all Gmail emails to sell and target ads.” And if we go by the statistics that Microsoft has put on its website, this is very correct strategy that Microsoft could adopt.

dont get scroogled

In addition to this, Microsoft has also a signature campaign “to stop Google going through your emails to sell ads” on its website.

Conclusion: Through this Microsoft will well convey “unique” feature of Outlook that it doesn’t scan your email content to show ads and also make a place as a company that respect its user’s privacy unlike its competitors. Though it will be very interesting to see how Google respond to this as google has already said that “no humans ever read account or email information and Advertising keeps Google and many of the websites and services Google offers free of charge. We work hard to make sure that ads are safe, unobtrusive and relevant”.


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